Transforming Care Network

6th Transforming Care Conference. Boundaries, Transitions and Crisis Contexts

Sheffield (UK), del 26 al 28 de junio de 2023

Chirinos-Medina, C. y Danely, J.

Coordinación de simposio:

Transforming Masculinity and Care: gendered boundaries and carers’ lives in transition

Bofill-Poch, S., Soronellas-Masdeu, M. y Comas d’Argemir, D.

Presentación de comunicación:

‘I don’t want my father to be in the nursing home, but he has to be’: tensions on the border between family care and residential care in Spain.

Chirinos-Medina, C.

Presentación de comunicación:

Older husbands as caregivers. Transits of masculinity in daily long-term care in contexts of disability and illness in villages in Spain

Offenhenden, M. y Bodoque-Puerta, Y.

Presentación de comunicación:

Aging at home: rethinking the mosaic of care resources to promote the social redistribution of long-term care.