17th EASA Biennial Conference. Belfast (Irlanda), del 26 al 29 de julio de 2022.

Chirinos-Medina, C. y Hernández-Cordero, A.L.
Coordinación de simposio: Pandemic, care and ageing. Transformations and challenges in later life care in times of Covid.

Kussy, A. y Ezzedine, P.
Coordinación de simposio: Care crises, welfare policies and the commons.

Bofill-Poch, S. y R. Márquez
Presentación de comunicación: Elderly rights and the nursing homes’ crisis in Spain during the pandemic: claims for justice and politicization of care.

Chrétien, J.
Presentación de comunicación: Care and heterosexuality: thinking about social care organization in times of pandemic from a lesbian perspective.

D’Hers Del Pozo, M.
Presentación de comunicación: Caring in times of structural austerity: the case of the Venezuelan immobile migration.

Offenhenden, M., Soronellas-Masdeu, M. y Bodoque-Puerta, Y.
Presentación de comunicación: Towards the Social Redistribution of Care: Reassessing the Role of the Family in Long -term Care

Pi-Martín, M.
Presentación de comunicación: Self-care as part of community care in collaborative homes for the elderly